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With the following form you can apply to ART-and-photos photography to work as a model for my own freelance work. You will be registered as a model without obligation. You will first receive a shooting offer and in the future you will be informed about further upcoming shootings and general news of ART-and-photos photography until cancelled. You are not obliged to accept any shootings. You can accept or decline all shooting offers, but you can contact us for announced shootings depending on your interests and availability.

Your personal data will be analysed and used for the personal details in the Model Release (contract for a shooting), furthermore only for internal purposes to cooperate with you as a model. For example to offer you shootings according to your interests and availability. For further information please see my privacy policy

All fields marked with * are mandatory, all other fields are optional!

If you prefer to send your personal data by e-mail, you can request the form here: E-mail request

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The professional presentation of fashion may require you to work on the set without a bra and possibly without any underwear at all (to avoid anyone seeing parts of the underwear through the outfit or leaving marks on the skin). For beauty presentations, it may be necessary for the model to work on the set for a short time with the upper part of the body undressed or completely undressed, without the breasts or the completely naked body being completely visible in the photo (the décolleté/bottom of the breasts or the upper part of the buttocks may be visible). The handling is at the discretion of the photographer, according to the ideas agreed upon in advance. Artistic works are mainly the subject of the shooting, so this selection should be made by you, or please explain your reasons why you do not like to work in this subject area and describe what ideas you have and in which subject areas you would like to work.

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Storage of my personal data by ART-and-photos photogaphy Andreas Thiel

The data is for internal use only and will not be passed on to third parties. Great importance is attached to the protection of privacy and the careful handling of personal data to avoid misuse. In addition to the mandatory data transmitted here, further usual data as a model, such as height, weight, body measurements, body modifications, characteristics, temporal and individual availability as well as similar (also later transmitted) data for the cooperation as a model can be stored and analysed and documented by corresponding photos. The model has the right to object to the storage of the data at any time and to revoke the declaration. The model may have all personal data changed, blocked or deleted, provided that they do not have to be kept due to contractual agreements or legal regulations. This declaration does not apply to the storage of image files created by ART-and-photos photography in the course of photo shootings, nor to the model release created for this purpose. For created images only the agreements from the model release are valid and personal data can be kept for necessary measures to secure the image rights and copyrights. 

If no pictures are available via Facebook or Instagram, please upload 3 pictures here

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